What Fashion Trends Are Coming This Summer (2020)

We love predicting what trends we’ll be seeing in fashion over the next few months and with spring set in and summer on the way it’s time to think about the looks we might be seeing from luxury designers and Highstreet brands. We’ll take you through the different fabrics and styles we’re predicting to see for summer 2020 – so if you love fashion and want to get your wardrobe prepared keep reading.


One thing we know about fashion is that styles are constantly changing, from one season to the next we can expect to see completely different looks – many of which go as far as using entirely different fabrics. We’ve picked out three key fabric styles we’re predicting to see a lot over summer 2020

Every year we expect to see florals, pastel colours and cute bumble bee designers but this year we might see an 80s classic making a comeback. That’s right neon’s could be on the horizon again after we saw designers such as Tom Ford, Moschino and Valentino style their runway models in eye catching greens, oranges and pinks during New York Fashion week and other recent fashion shows.

Picture from Vogue – Tom Ford NYC Fashion Week

Another throwback fabric is likely to make a reappearance this year in the form of metallic leather. Popular in the early 2010’s this futuristic style of clothing will is perfect for the summertime as sunrays will reflect beautifully of this bold fashion choice – that is if you’re brave enough to wear it. This prediction comes after designers such as JW Anderson, Coach and Toga were seen modelling the look across various Spring/Summer 2020 catwalks. The fabric makes an appearance on all categories of clothing and accessories such as belts and handbags.

Picture from Glamour – JW Anderson, Coach & Toga

The final fabric we’re expecting to see a lot of this year is more daring than either mentioned above and definitely nods to the new era of body positivity and self-confidence that society has been pushing – that’s right we’re seeing sheer fabrics everywhere. We’ve spotted designers such as Gucci, Richard Malone, Supriya Lele and House of Holland all showing a little more skin (or bra) in recent pieces.

Picture from Vogue – Gucci sheer fashion look


Moving on from fabrics we are now looking at the way fabrics are likely to be styled in order to create iconic looks ready for the summer season. Some of these started to peak last year and since we didn’t quite get enough, they’ll be making a return for 2020.

A massive throwback to the late 1890s is on the cards this year in the form of puffed sleeves. We love this retro look that now is so perfectly used to create outfits that are high fashion and very feminine. We first started seeing this trend resurfacing towards the end of summer last year but this year it’s back with a point to make as we see it appearing in dresses, tops and cords created by luxury designers and on the highstreet.

Picture from Glamour – Richard Quinn, Zimmermann and Huishan Zhang

The next is something that again nods to the era of body positivity that we are now empowering everyone to feel apart of and that is the very tasteful use of cut outs! Used to elongate specific features, add a sexy touch, or create contrast cut outs have been in fashion for many years in a row so it’s unsurprising that they’ve made it back again this year. Personally, we love cut outs and think they are a great way to add a little bit of (tasteful) sex appeal to an outfit. Plus, they can be introduced to pretty much all pieces of clothing making it one of the most versatile trends we’ll see this season.

Picture from Vogue – Balmain Spring/Summer 2020 Catwalk

We’ve got one more style prediction to share with you and it’s one we’re not quite sure about so have a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments! This is another 80s fashion trend making a comeback – Torso Ruching. We’ve seen this in previous years, typically around the next but for the 2020 summer season we’re expecting to see this more central on the torso of outfits. For those of us looking to cover up a stomach we aren’t quite happy with this could a be a trend to jump onboard with.

Picture from Glamour – Roksanda, Rejina Pyo, Supriya Lele

We can’t wait to see if these trends take off over the coming season. Let us know what your thoughts are on these different fabrics and fashion styles we could be seeing – do you want to see 80s trends back on the streets or has that time passed?

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