Five Reasons To Stay Home and Shop Online Rather Than Visiting Stores

Many shops are now open for businesses but there are still large concerns about the spread of coronavirus. As more people flock to the shopping scene it’s normal for you to feel anxious about visiting brick and mortar stores. If you are unsure about whether or not to visit the store here are five reasons why you should stay home and shop online rather than visiting stores.

  • No need to worry about lack of social distancing – as the volume of people in stores increases there is less room to be socially distanced from others and this means coming into close contact which may not feel comfortable. Even with PPE there are still risks associated with coming into close contact with other customers and store workers. Plus there many surfaces you can’t avoid touching such as clothing hangers, parking meters and more. By shopping in the comfort of your own home you can avoid unnecessary risks and contact with others enabling you to shop without feeling anxious about what is going on around you.
  • Even if you do decide to visit a store to get your fashion fix you won’t be able to get the full shopping experience yet as dressing rooms are closed. This means you’ll have to bring clothes home anyways to try on so why not get them ordered there in the first place? You can save yourself the hassle of taking a trip to the shops, get the same enjoyment online and from the comfort of your own home. As an extra bonus, you can definitely visit more shops virtually than you would be able to during the average shopping spree giving you more choice and ability to compare items.
  • You can pick small and eco-friendly businesses making your shop better for the environment. Fast-fashion is an increasing concern for many people and many large highstreet companies don’t have a good ethical record-making shopping at them a double negative at the moment. When you shop online you can do your research into eco-friendly companies and change your preference to shop with small businesses and those that have good ethical practices (such as Sienna Bleu lingerie). When you respect the environment and buy from positive companies, you’ll feel great about your purchases! Give it a try from the comfort of your own home today!

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  • When shopping online you’ll have access to reviews and customer photos so you can find out more about the items you’re interested in which isn’t possible whilst in store. Some stores aren’t currently allowing returns on items that have been worn so being able to look at customers photos to get an idea on how you might look in an outfit. This could save you money or encourage you to buy a new style of clothing that you wouldn’t usually go for because it looks great on a customer.
  • Opening hours for stores are, in some places, out of the ordinary so by shopping online you run no risk of turning up to stores when they’re closed. Even Google maps can’t be trusted at the moment so why run the risk of a wasted shopping trip when you can easily access online stores 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you check the sales you might even be able to find some great bargains and not have to fight off other bargain shoppers to do so!

Whether you decide to go to the shops or not we hope you are keeping safe and well. Hopefully these suggestions help you feel better about staying at home to shop because there are definite benefits, especially during a pandemic!

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