COVID Couture: the rise of the stylish face mask

Face Masks. But Make it Fashion.

Amidst the current coronavirus pandemic, the surgical face mask has become the only accessory that matters right now. As countries across the world make it mandatory for people to wear face coverings in public spaces where social distancing is not possible, it looks like face masks are set to become part of our daily dress code. We get to the bottom of this new trend below.

First thing’s first: a face mask covers a whole lot of your face, doesn’t it? So it’s not really surprising that fashionistas are starting to look for stylish options.

Leaving the surgical masks for keyworkers, brands have quickly embraced the need for protective face coverings by offering inventive, fashion-forward designs. This allows us to follow important guidelines, without losing touch of personal style and aesthetic. From stylish spring florals to on-trend colour blocking, from neoprene to silky numbers, there is a non-medical fashion face mask for us all.

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This Season’s Hottest Product

As face masks become this season’s most coveted accessory, global demand is at an all-time high. Here at Sienna Bleu, we are now offering the Nano Filter Superior technology Foam Nano Mask which provides complete protection against dust and bacteria, whilst fitting perfectly to your face. Read more about the benefits of Nano Face Masks here.

Likewise, the now sold out Off-White arrow face mask was named as fashion search engine Lyst’s hottest men’s product in the world, with a 496% surge in searches for fashion face masks over the first quarter of 2020.

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Brands Giving Back

Whilst stylish face mask sales are on the rise, many brands are also stepping in to offer their support to the crisis. Both Prada and Louis Vuitton have repurposed their factories to produce non branded masks and hospital gowns for healthcare workers in desperate need of them.

Other companies are also playing their part by donating profits to charities across the world. Sustainable clothing brand Collina Strada have promised to donate five masks to healthcare workers in New York City with every purchase of their designer mask. The stylish face mask features the brand’s signature bow design, and is made from deadstock materials to keep things sustainable!

In Japan, one company has taken a very unique approach to help combat the mask shortages across the country. Step forward, the lingerie face mask.

Underwear manufacturer Atsumi Fashion Co. decided to repurpose the bras they usually sell to provide masks to workers at their local city hall.

This became a huge hit across social media in Japan, so much so that the company have now created a whole range of bra cup masks for the general public to buy.

After the company shared a photo of model and YouTuber Aya Kondo wearing the lacy version, the masks sold out in minutes. There are now tutorials on how to upcycle your very own D.I.Y version.

It’s certainly a sexier take on the regular face mask – that’s for sure. What are your thoughts on the lingerie face mask? Let us know in the comments below!

Asian Influence

For many countries, face masks may feel like an unusual addition to any wardrobe. As we’ve mentioned, it covers up a lot of your face, and it’s understandable that people are struggling with styling this new accessory.

However, nobody’s raising eyebrows about wearing masks in Asia. Way before the COVID crisis even began, face masks were seen as a staple of everyday life and fashion in countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

People wear masks for many reasons, since they’re believed to provide protection against hay fever and even pollution in major cities such as Tokyo. In South Korea, K-pop music stars like G-Dragon and Girls’ Generation have helped the face mask become a signature fashion item.

Wearing a face mask is definitely part of the street scene in Asia. Only time will tell if this fashion accessory remains a part of outfits across the world after the COVID outbreak.

As face coverings become our new norm and a necessary part of our safety routine when leaving the house, adding a stylish touch to your face mask can bring a little sunshine in these dark days.

Gone are the days of face masks simply being a relaxing at-home-spa treat – this new accessory isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon.

It’s time to embrace the fashion face mask, and keep one another safe at the same time. Pastel or printed? DIY or designer? The bra cup? Let us know which face mask design you’ll be rocking this season in the comments below!

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