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Body positivity doesn’t come naturally for many of us and as summer fashion makes itself known we know the thought crop tops and tight-fitting skirts doesn’t fill you with joy. You least favourite bits will be on show and you just know you’ll bump into a modelesque, tanned, skinny girl who looks amazing in just about anything. But this year we’ve seen a real shift towards clothes that promote the body positivity mindset that’s sweeping through society. To help you love your skin and feel confident this summer we’ve put together these fashion suggestions to help you put together a summer wardrobe of clothes that create confidence every time you wear them. So if you’re interested in finding out what styles will look great on all your favourite features rather than cling to your least favourites then just keep reading.

A bold yellow fabric will complement your glowing summer skin


There are so many styles of dresses that perfectly complement different body shapes but rather than telling you what will look best on your body we just want to talk about a few that we think would look good on anyone – after all, you know your body and your comfort zone better than anyone.

Wrap/belted dresses are a comfy dress style that creates a beautiful shape for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about your figure doing it for you. The best thing about these dresses is they are light and airy for the warmest of days but can easily be paired with a cardigan or even a thicker winter coat making them versatile enough to wear all year round. Almost every retailer carries something in this style so it will be easy to find a fabric, print, size and cut that you like best.

Add some brightly coloured accessories to a plain coloured dressed to add a pop of summer fun.

A straight cut is another very flattering dress style that no matter what you ate for brunch won’t show off your stomach. Instead, this cut of the dress hangs effortlessly down not only slimming the waist but also elongating the body giving the impression your legs are model length. Similar to the previous dress this is a super common style for retailers to carry so wherever you like to shop it’s likely these stylish skews are waiting for you.


Patterns and colours can make all the difference when it comes to feeling confident in your clothes. Summer is the best time for patterned clothing because those colourful patterns reflect the beautiful summer flora and fauna. The reason we love these fabrics for all body types is that they distract the eye from the features we don’t want to accentuate and instead lull admirers into fun Aztec, pretty butterflies and blossoming flowers. Patterns that you like can be harder to find especially if you’re a little bit picky – however, most retailers will have a range of different designs so you can go on a little shopping spree (online) to find something you like.

Accessorise with neutral colours to make sure your look doesn’t become overly busy.

One of the most common areas women dislike about themselves is their arms. So, if you feel insecure about your arms don’t worry because you certainly aren’t alone. Luckily, the latest fashion trends have a solution perfect for this problem… Balloon Sleeves! You can find balloon sleeves on both tops and dresses so there are really easy to find on a style that suits you. We think balloon sleeves make for the perfect casual-dressed up look making it perfect for (social distanced) summer BBQs and (video chat) drinks with the girls.

Balloon sleeves are on just about all types of clothing so you’ll find something that suits you

Simply Sexy:

We have to include a little shameless self-promo because here at Sienna Bleu we want all woman to feel sexy, that’s why are our lines of luxurious lingerie cover a broad range of sizes for both top, bottoms and sets. You should feel sexy in whatever you’re wearing so we wanted so to share a couple of pieces that we feel will look effortlessly flattering on all body types. Our 28-day full refund policy allows you to try on something new and if it doesn’t quite give you the confidence you’re looking for you can return for a full refund or exchange for something else.

Firstly we wanted to feature the Gracya Paola Corset. This sexy number is the perfect combination of something a little more sophisticated but still with plenty of sex appeal. Whether you buy to feel good about yourself or to impress a special someone you definitely won’t be disappointed. The push padding is removable and suspender straps are both removable meaning you can customise the outfit to further suit the way you like to dress up. The plain colouring means this will look great on so many different skin tones plus there is a little hint of pink to make the boys wink.

Available now for £44.99

Secondly, we wanted to add a little bit of spice with the Beauty Night Patricia, this is an ultra-glamorous corset made in a flattering satin material that will leave you with nothing but good vibes and confidence. Sheer lace inserts on the fronts will be right on trend for the coming summer season so you’ll not only be desirable but also be right on-trend.

Available now for £44.99

Finally, we wanted to tone it down with something slightly more conservative and budget-friendly. The Beauty Night Cecile is in the classic babydoll style and is sure to be enticing to your partner, the sexy sheet material leaves nothing to the imagination yet the tie ribbons sides mean this can flatter any curves you’ve got to flaunt. We particularly love the decorative pink straps that not only help to ensure a great fit but also flatter the shoulder and collar bone. If you want something that ticks so many boxes but is less than £20 this is the perfect option – plus if you act now you can save a little more thanks to the spring sale.

Now on sale for just £15

Want more inspiration? We’ve got a shop full of great items sure to tempt your partner and make you feel great. Shop the collection now.

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