The worst fashion trends of all time

It’s been a long raining week here in the United Kingdom, whilst this can be a complete downer on our moods we wanted to inject a little bit of happiness by sharing some of the ultimate Fashion Flops that we can’t help but look back on and laugh about. If you need a little mood booster keep reading to reminisce on the past trends. Disclaimer: if some of the fashion flops we mention today are totally your style, don’t be offended – we’re sure you absolutely rock it but for the general population this just wasn’t a hit.


Saggy Trousers –

Predominantly worn by males teens, this was a 1990’s trend we are glad to see has mostly disappeared. If you can’t remember this trend (or weren’t around to witness it) then don’t worry, the clue is in the title – people tried to make super low rise, baggy jeans a thing and whilst it was popular within the hip hop world, for the rest of us it wasn’t quite to taste. We’re not ruling out baggy jeans altogether though, Mom jeans are back in fashion and we love it! As far as a trend coming back around we’re personally hoping this one doesn’t make the cut.  

Inflated lips –

We are still not quite sure why this was considered a fashion trend and not some form of self-torture but somehow inflated lips (also known as Kylie Jenner lips) were all over social media back in 2016. Influencers, celebrities and the general public all took to inflating their own lips with some kind of suction device that resulted in a look that was neither sexy nor safe. There were even the ‘gone wrong’ videos were people suffered injuries because of giving this ‘lip challenge’ a try. Whilst this might seem like a trend that has left the internet, we are pretty sure it increased the demand for lip filler by making the fuller lips look desirable and measurement of sex appeal. When done safely lip filler is definitely not a bad trend and is something that can boost your self-confidence, however, we are so glad people have put down the cups and have stopped trying the ‘at home’ version of this treatment.

Hammer pants –

Going back to the 20th century this time to the 1980s as we discuss hammer pants. Okay so this fashion trend has been upcycled into Boho trousers often associated with hipsters/travellers – which we actually think are really cute and they look really comfy. BUT back when these first become popular they were, well, much less exotic. In fact, many were created from metallic fabrics which really made this a stand out statement that was easily recognisable. Made popular by M C Hammer these were worn in the popular music video for the song ‘You Can’t Touch This’. Once again, another trend from the music industry that had no right making into teenage boys wardrobes scaring all those who witnessed this awful trend.

High Heel Trainers –

Sadly, this trend hasn’t quite gone away yet – the high heeled trainer look keeps reappearing in popular fashion but we just don’t think it’s necessary. In 2015, then 2017 and then again in 2019 this just keeps coming back and we would like this to be over with forevermore. We love heels and trainers individually but when you combine them in order to make some sort of weird love child we just can’t get behind it. This should result in the most comfortable heel ever but somehow we look at these and can just feel the blisters and sore feet starting already. Maybe our minds will be changed but for now we are pretty firmly against the high heel trainer trend – even if high end brands like Balenciaga are trying to make this a thing.

Crocs –

Potentially the most controversial yet as know there is an entire community of Croc lovers out there. Maybe you’ve got to try them but this just isn’t something we can bring ourselves to do. On there own as some weird kind of trainer with holes this might be okay for some scenarios – garden shoes, at the beach, that sort of thing – but this hole trend gets infinitely worst when you add on the colour clips that enable you to customise the shoe. We get that this is a mainly a kids thing but we have seen a fair share of adults modelling their crocs with little emoji clip on accessories and we just don’t get it?

Yeti boots –

The 2010s were a weird time for fashion, with Disney celebrities like Miley Cyrus influencing an entire generation of teenage fashionista’s this really was a time where anything seemed to go. One thing that still doesn’t sit quite right with us is Yeti Boots. Written from the perspective of the UK fashion market these really didn’t make much sense as there really is never a need for such extreme footwear. Plus, due to the country being notorious for raining so frequently anything with fur or fluff on the outside just doesn’t seem like a sensible choice. What made the while trend even more bizarre is that the boots were often worn with skirts and dresses creating a weird juxtaposition between winter and summer fashion. On this occasion it was a no from us.

Skinny ties –

In many ways wearing a skinny tie to your year 6 leaving party or for prom night is a right of passage but in others it was (and continues to be) a weird fashion choice that is neither trendy nor unpopular just very average. We just want to clarify that there is a big difference between skinny ties and slim ties. The former is a fashion accessory we can only associate with child models and year 6 disco attendees whilst the latter is a great choice that nicely finishes a formal outfit. If you’re a skinny tie lover than keep to it, don’t let us control what you think is great, this is purely a personal preference!

Fake glasses –

Finally, an accessory trend that we are guilty of jumping on board with but looking back just can’t see the point, fake glasses. More specifically but fake ‘nerd’ glasses with large frames that on non-glass wearing members of society just looked so out of place. It was always so obvious they were fake, maybe we were just buying the cheapest pair, but looking back to photos of this trend we just know that this was not a look we would like to return to.

So there are 8 fashion trends we are hoping stay dormant for a long time to come as we just don’t know if they are eras we are willing to revisit. If this was a blast from the past that you have enjoyed reading let us know in the comments and share a trend you remember from growing up or just looking back at old pop culture movies and tv shows.

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