2020 Brides, you’re in our thoughts here at Sienna Bleu. Weddings across the world have been put on pause, and for many of you, that means letting go of a date that you’ve looked forward to for so long.

As outdoor venues, virtual ceremony streaming and even Zoom wedding dress appointments become the norm, we’re saying goodbye (for now) to buffets, dancing and large guest lists. Many couples are postponing their wedding altogether; others are shifting it online with a larger celebration down the line.

But what impact does this have on bridal fashion? Today’s blog is going to look at the latest bridal trends for 2020 and beyond.

Storing Your Dress

First thing’s first: are you a bride that picked up your precious gown pre-pandemic? If the answer is yes, then it’s really important that you store your special dress correctly for when your Big Day finally happens.

The key is to protect it from the elements, in particular any harsh light and moisture. Speak to your wedding sales consultant for advice and make sure you have the correct storage bag to prevent any damage to the fabric. Keep your dress in a cool, dry area and if you’re inspecting or touching the dress (we know it’ll be hard not to!) always remember to wash your hands beforehand – that way you’ll prevent any stains from appearing.

Store your accessories – especially any with embellishments – separately. Wrap them up carefully in tissue and make sure they are completely dry before packing them away (to avoid any tarnishing). Remember that every dress and material is different, so you need to do your research before storing it.

We hope it won’t be too long before you can wear your special gown, so follow these tips you’re sure to keep your dress in the best condition before the big day arrives.

Bridal Fashion Trends for 2020 & Beyond


Photo credit: Instagram @preajames_bridal

As many couples opt for virtual or intimate ceremonies in 2020, brides are looking for a pared-back look, saving their original dress for a bigger celebration later down the line. Silk separates, chic jumpsuits, and trouser suits are proving popular as brides look for ‘easy-to-wear’ pieces that won’t impact their dream wedding style.

But the big question is: will brides then turn to more elaborate styles for their postponed ceremony next year? Many brands and wedding experts think that brides will look for ways to have fun with their look, since they have a huge reason to celebrate with all their family and friends. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

One thing that we’re certain won’t change is the importance of Bridal Lingerie. No matter what you’re wearing, choosing the right lingerie will help you feel your very best on your special day. Feel sexy and supported when you walk down the aisle – shop our indulgent Bridal Collection right here on Sienna Bleu.

Face Masks Fit for The Altar

Photo credit: Instagram @katiemaycollection

Whilst this is an accessory we never thought would be included in any bridal trends list, fashion facemasks are a sign of the times. And your wedding day is no different. If you’re planning to hold a ceremony in the coming months (socially-distanced, of course), facemasks are something that you’re going to have to think about for both you and your guests.

But worry not! There are plenty of fashion-forward options that are fit for the altar.

Our Sienna Bleu Nano Masks are simple, stylish, available in a variety of colours, and will last well beyond your big day.

Versatile Accessories

Photo credit: Instagram @savannahmillerbridal

We already know that many couples are choosing to postpone their celebrations until next year with a civil, virtual, or intimate ceremony to legalise things this year. Why not have a bridal piece you can re-wear?

Whilst you may want something simple for the legal ceremony this year, an accessory like this cape from Savannah Miller Bridal could be worn again as part of your bigger celebrations next year. It’s sustainable and it’s a great way to create a special link between your two important days – sounds perfect to us!

So, saying “I do” may be a little different this year, but that won’t make your celebration any less significant. We need to celebrate love now more than ever before.

From everybody at Sienna Bleu, we’re sending our warmest wishes and congratulations to all the 2020 Brides.

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